Excellent Service! Great working with H&P
— W & W Properties-Mike, Project Manager
An incredibly professional and well organized firm. I would highly recommend.
— HLF Construction Co., Inc.-Gus Balon, Project Manager
Good subcontractor, I highly recommend their firm.
— Triumph Builders-Wess Harper, Project Manager


WHY H&P Contractors?

There are several excellent reasons to use H&P Contractor for your next project, to include:

  • Expertise. We are specialist in Carpentry and Drywall for Commercial and Residential Buildings in the Chicago Region

  • Bonding Capacity. We can obtain payment and performance surety bonding up to $2 million per project.

  • Experience. We have over 40 years of industry experience, as both as a prime and subcontractor.

  • Flexibility. We can handle a wide range of projects from large construction to individual residences.

  • Speed. We provide a fast response.

  • Bi-Lingual. We have staff that speaks both English and Spanish.

  • Award Winning Contractor. Have several construction management awards.


H&P Fun Facts

H&P Contractor specializes in carpentry and drywall for commercial and residential buildings in the Chicago region

H&P Contractor can help government agencies and prime contractors meets their MBE / DBE and 8(a) goals

H&P Contractor has a 20-year proven track record